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In real sense African girl child development is still a day dream and full of squabbles. The efforts and campaign to raise the girl child in Africa is full of policies and propaganda with no implementation. Girl child development in Africa is unevenly distributed, only in big cities and towns not in rural areas. Hence creates classes and inferiority complex among the girls in many African societies.

Taking Tanzania as an example. The government tries to empower a girl child by providing equal chances in education from primary education to higher education. Also by reducing girl child violence and to make them accepted. But all these are done in cities and towns like Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha and others. But in rural areas a girl child has no value this is due to some social cultural practices which expose a girl into forced marriage, female circumcisions, no freedom of press, no right of inheritance and possession.

On the other side of a coin the United Nations through the Millennium Development Goals. Has pushed much for the development and value of the African girl child. United Nations has assisted the countries to promote Achieving Universal Primary Education to all children through its goal number TWO which focusing on  ensuring that all boys and girls complete a full course of primary schooling. Also African countries have promoted Gender Equality and Empower women through the UN goal number THREE with special priority on eliminating gender disparity in primary and secondary education. These two UN goals at least seem to have positive impact to the African girl child development currently and form a good future.

To sum up “every one is important we as youth must support each from zero to hero, from no body to some body, from nothing to something!». We must convince both Government and Non Governmental Organizations in supporting of a girl child development. Let our societies learn the importance of a girl child through our selves (young people). To achieve this we must create a strong cooperation among our selves world wide”.


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  1. Gunvor


    Hi Wilfred,
    I like your article, and especially The one on YouTube supporting each other. You say «we mest support eachother from zero to hero, from Nobody to somebody «.
    I really think that is important,
    So thank you !



    Thanks Gunvor,
    I believe in order to have a better futter, we must join hands together regardless of gender
    social classes, elementary school, rural/urban e.t.c
    By developing such spirit we will be creating a better future and success for the youth around
    the world at large.

  3. Elisante Japhet


    From zero to Hero, nothing to something. That great! but if there is gender equality, there must be friendly enviroment for education.

    For example, i watched one program talking about youth studying at bad and poor conditions. Dah, it real discourage me and i was so depressed because it easy for them to lose hope as they go on. There problems are ours, we must think of strategies to solve this.

    I think we have to create this ideology in our minds,that we are in information stage, we must think of be self-employed, how we can use what we got to make changes for ourselves and the world and stop thinking of what can they do for us.
    What do you say guys, :)?

  4. Sangito Emmanuel


    I have read the article » African Girl Child Development». To my side, its true that we have the problem of inequality. I am sure that the problem is even bigger than we think. Even in towns, a girl child has not yet secured a 100% access to education and other social services. Take some examples from Tanzania regions like Arusha, Musoma etc. In towns, only a couple of girl children have access to education. In town slums like Matejoo area in Arusha, Tandale area in Dar es salaam and other related areas are prone to gender inequalities and girl children are prone to unsecured life . We still have something to do in breaking this bridge. Let’s join efforts.

  5. Wilfred Akas


    Thanks Julius,
    But remember that Charity begins at home, if you real want to support African Girl Child, its better to begin from your family, then you extend to the society

  6. Wilfred Akas


    Hi Elisante,
    That’s great! I believe by developing such spirit in our minds and put it into practice, we will be the pilot of our own destiny and we can stand on our own, no matter what!

  7. Wilfred Akas


    Hello Sangito,
    Your views are true; that Africa girl child development is not fully supported (100%), also I think we don’t need to complain about the situation because it is you end me who are responsible on taking measures and suppress this situation so let us start now…

  8. Janet Adonga


    I personally my heart always goes for a girl child education. In my family I tried my best to educate girls. I do not care if get pregnant and you dropped out I will convince you to go back to school and take care of you. Why? in Africa when a woman have no source of livelihood do suffer a lot. I have school that I opened in the rural and I am concern about girl child but the problem I still paying for their fees