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There are estimated 100 million children living in the streets in the world today, and that number is increasing constantly. Children living in the streets are very vulnerable to victimization, exploitation and abuse of their civil and economic rights.

Many governments, non governmental organizations and members of the civil society around the world have increased their attention on homeless and street children as this population continues to grow.

None the less, more action is necessary considering the adverse economic conditions of many countries, and most importantly international plan to provide basic housing really needs to be developed.

In 1992, United Nations issued a resolution on the rights of street children, and the acts violence against them. The resolution called for internal cooperation to address the needs of homeless children and for enforcement of international child rights laws.

Based on the current situation, I would like to encourage my fellow youth in taking action towards combating this situation. It is possible for us as young people to take part in different initiatives e.g. start joining initiatives which are strongly meant to help street children, raise awareness by educating ourselves through reading books, listening to media special programs share with our peers/friends, colleagues, students, teachers, family members and encourage others around you to do the same. We can do something for our young brothers and sisters!

Most people feel inferior and discriminated just because of their colour. To a certain extent this has caused people not to reach their intended goals, thinking that they can never become successful because of their race. That’s not true! Anybody can achieve, only if a person believes he or she can do it and put all efforts in achieving it.

There is a silent stereotype in the minds of some people in Africa of feeling inferior especially when it comes to reach developed countries’ developments, some think just b’se of their race they can’t, the vice versa applies to the developed countries as well e.g. some countries in Europe, America, Asia etc.

This effect has occurred due to the effect of colonization that took part in African continent during the 18th and 19th century. This ideology in our minds has been there since our fore fathers during colonization, it has greatly affected the minds of many until today.

But we have to understand that, colour doesn’t justify anything to anybody; but what justifies you is yourself, your characteristics as a person. Nobody in our life of today can fail in life or should be discriminated or offended just because of his or her colour but what offends you is your character.

Achievements and success for anybody is possible if you work hard to obtain it. Don’t let the ideology kept in people’s minds that because of your race or colour you can never attain development. Anybody regardless his or her colour, background, lifestyle or position can reach his or her intended goals.


The 5 young blog writers from Tanzania. Photo: FN-sambandet

The young people of Tanzania will take part in and join Norwegian youth on the “UNGDOMSPANELET” program from the 1st of October 2011.

Previously, the program has been conducted within the Norwegian youth society, where 5 young people were appointed by FN-sambandet to post articles on the blog, where other young people in Norway have been able to add their comments to express their views on the matter raised. Topics raised are focused on United Nations, Social and International Affairs.

The main purpose of this program is to help young people of the two countries to understand the importance of international cooperation, and encourage them to be active participants in the world society.

FN-sambandet of Norway and Tanzania are collaborative partners in the FK Exchange Program, and through that cooperation, it was agreed to have the youth of the two countries onboard.

This program will also provide a platform for Southern youth to raise their voices on the digital arena!

More than 500 young people of Tanzania were reached when introducing the program in 7 schools.

It has been almost a month since the 5 Tanzanian students received training on writing and posting on the blog Ungdomspanelet. These 5 young people will be joining other youth to post on the ungdomspanelet blog from the month of October 2011.