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Due to expansion of economy in the world, labor or manpower is highly needed to fulfill the economic needs and generate capital with high production. Not all economic systems and enterprises are capable of using advanced technology in the productions for higher productivity. So due to that, children and teenagers enter the risk of being used as cheap labor; most of these children are vulnerable due to poverty, they are unaware of their rights, overworked, can’t resist and they don’t know what kind of negative repercussions can they get after all work they are told to do at work.

According to UNICEF, many third world countries are leading in child labor. This is due to extreme poverty facing these countries. In Africa child labor is like in a legal system. Children are employed in various sectors with low wages, nobody cares about their health and if they go to school or not. In other countries like Somalia, Sierra Leone, Democratic Republic of Congo, Sudan as well as in Liberia by 1990’s, children have been employed as soldiers. According to ILO report, in big cities like Abuja in Nigeria, Dakar in Senegal, Nairobi Kenya and Kampala in Uganda, children are employed in industries and other machine workshop, with no any protective tools for their health. Sometimes they are not paid and fail to know where to report the matter.

United Nations through UNICEF reduces and prohibits child labour among the member state. Also through Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), United Nations in goal number two which aims at achieving universal primary education, it has provided both girl and boy child a chance to attend and complete full course of primary schooling regardless of race, religion, or differences in economic capacity of the families.

UNICEF has become a very good ambassadorial child organization in the world. It has touched a lot of children’s lives and become their hope. Many orphans and refugees children who lost their hopes were brought back to life. ILO is another UN organization that supported these efforts by prohibiting a person under 18 years old to be employed; all these efforts have helped to reverse child labour.

In Tanzania child labour still exists locally. This is due to the number of factors one of which being poverty. Most of these cases tend to happen in mining areas like Geita, Nyamongo, Buzwagi, Nyarugusu and Mererani; many children are there either employed as cheap laborers or employed themselves. In large cities like Dar es Salaam, Mwanza, Arusha and in Zanzibar Island, children coming from the poor families are employed as house maids. Some of these children are manipulated to sell their bodies. In remote areas children are forced in agricultural activities and girls get married earlier by force from greedy parents with interest of receiving dowry.

If these children continue to be abused, what kind of future generation are we creating? According to my view, I think it is inhuman to continue being selfish by taking care of our children in our families and do nothing about those who need our attention the most. Every child has a dream that needs assistance from their elders, brothers and sisters; they need strong organizations, government leaders, families, individuals to support them and stand for their rights. I don’t think employing them at that age will bring any good to us and our society.

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  1. Salum


    This page is good since increases morality in fighting against evil activies or unsocial justice,am very grateful to be here

  2. Eric Ndikilo


    The UN at large has played a big part in this and it is
    encouraging to see that such big organizations have interests in
    social welfare.

  3. Gerald Tilutoza


    It is good that you pointed it out, and i think the local
    government authority has a big role to play since it has the power
    to stop.

  4. greyson s george


    its bad to employ child labour to any organisation , by the
    way MDGs an UN u did a god work to stop such humiliation and am
    wishing to concontinue bulding a new generation

  5. Peter Kambarage .N.


    Its not question of unlocking our potential,not about
    poverty and all those crisis that would lead us employ,mistreat and
    and deny children’s rights,its pathetic and totally out of sense
    for us and our governments to think that an outsider will come and
    take care of our kids in-terms of their welbeing,we don’t need to
    be rocket scientists to figure out the generation we’re creating
    today,if continuing denying the rights of our children Its about
    time we stand on our feet and say no to humiliation, discrimination
    & oppression of children in developing nations

  6. Suma Stephen Mwaitenda


    Child labor is indeed an eminent danger that lurks this generation, something needs to be done today and now. I commend and appreciate efforts that are on going to address the problem. However they way I see it, the solution to this is to invest in education and enlightenment of the people in these communities and raise awareness on the importance of education. This can be done by engaging the community in establishing educational social enterprises to rescue children from falling victim to child labor. It lies in joint efforts by the local community and the government of these countries to work together to end child labor.