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It is a high time for Tanzanians, Norwegians and the entire world to have long-range plans on the use of the physical environments. Our attitudes and immediate concerns must seldom encourage us to formulate plans that consider the needs of human kind for more than two or three generations to come. In this, we will be using our world environment sustainably.

Using environment sustainably means meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We cannot stop people from using the environment because environment is part and parcel of the human daily lives and survival. What is needed is to use them sustainably and carefully without causing any big harm or regret in the future, they need to be protected by making good policies, laws, by laws, binding agreements etc.

We should all join our efforts individually and collectively to ensure that the next generation does not regret living in this world. Mahatma Gandhi once said,” You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

So we as young people, we need to ask ourselves: what change do you wish to see today and in the coming generation?

Our world environment needs each one of us! although at a moment only a few are concerned in conserving it. We should not wait until it is the 5th June (World Environment Day) so that we can show care to the environment, we need to make it a habit/proudly life style to conserve our environment every day and not on special occasions only!

Moreover, we must keep in mind that our survival rely on environment because there is where we get clothes, food, water, fresh air and even enjoying nature etc.

As young people, we need to develop good skills, changing some of negative mindsets towards keeping environment and our systems/governments form good policies and accumulate resources and motivate it very loudly in favor of our environment.

Since Charity begins at home, it is necessary to begin making people aware of the importance of using our environment sustainably starting from home to the entire public world wide since the environment is for everyone and it is everywhere.

It is our duty as young people of today to protect it, let’s change every negative attitude we have that challenge us to favor our environment and then we can change others too by being the role models.

If all this is done successfully, people in the next generation including our young brother/sisters surrounding us in the streets or at home will easily adopt our way of looking at environment and they will not suffer and instead they will enjoy a good quality of life.

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  1. Jonatan


    Really importaint issue that are beeing adressed here. Keep up the good work! lokking forward to reading more from Youth Panel in Tanzania

  2. Elisante Japhet


    Great work, its true what you have written and we as youth we can make change but its if we are ready to take action.