Most people feel inferior and discriminated just because of their colour. To a certain extent this has caused people not to reach their intended goals, thinking that they can never become successful because of their race. That’s not true! Anybody can achieve, only if a person believes he or she can do it and put all efforts in achieving it.

There is a silent stereotype in the minds of some people in Africa of feeling inferior especially when it comes to reach developed countries’ developments, some think just b’se of their race they can’t, the vice versa applies to the developed countries as well e.g. some countries in Europe, America, Asia etc.

This effect has occurred due to the effect of colonization that took part in African continent during the 18th and 19th century. This ideology in our minds has been there since our fore fathers during colonization, it has greatly affected the minds of many until today.

But we have to understand that, colour doesn’t justify anything to anybody; but what justifies you is yourself, your characteristics as a person. Nobody in our life of today can fail in life or should be discriminated or offended just because of his or her colour but what offends you is your character.

Achievements and success for anybody is possible if you work hard to obtain it. Don’t let the ideology kept in people’s minds that because of your race or colour you can never attain development. Anybody regardless his or her colour, background, lifestyle or position can reach his or her intended goals.

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  1. Gunvor


    Dear Barbra,
    Thanx for your article. I think it is very true, for all people, to change the mindset of the past. It is as important for my people here in my country Norway as it is for you and your people in Tanzania.

  2. Bjørn Isachsen


    It’s interesting that colour of skin do have such an important impact. I do think that in my country racisme is dimmishing, because our society has been a multicultural society. When children are put in the same classes, they forget the skin colours very easily, like me going to Africa – even I have a feeling that you africans look at me and think – he is a muzungo, he has a lot of money…. Forget about colonalism and the old way of thinking in colourbars – that’s the people who count!