421481_10151564506498783_400521714_nAs 2015 begins, a group of 6 young people from Tanzania joins their fellow 10 youth of Norway at the youth panel blog of UNA Norway.

This new group of young bloggers from Tanzania is made up of 3 girls and 3 boys, all coming from 6 different secondary schools of Tanzania. They have been interviewed prior to their selection, then got oriented on article writing and finally devoted to be posting articles at the page regularly.

This is done in collaboration with UNA Tanzania. The main purpose of UNA Norway to extend this program to the young people of Tanzania; is to help young people of the both UNAs and the world at large to understand the importance of international cooperation, and encourage them to be active participants in the world society.

Below is a brief introduction of the young bloggers from Tanzania:

My name is Godfrida Edward Magubo, a student at Loreto Girls’ Secondary School. I am 18 years old;am studying History, Geography and Language (English) – HGL

My dream is to become an International Advocate, specialized in ensuring fair and equal treatment to all people as well as empowering women

Due to the challenge of global injustice in relation to gender, environmental pollution, poverty, HIV/AIDs, political and social conflicts, I’m very enthusiastic to tell the world that we are the ones to address these problems and bring change.

As a member of UNA Norway & Tanzania youth panel blog, I expect to give my opinion on global and social challenges facing the younger generation; provide updates on African-youth related affairs and suggest youth-based practical measures to take.

My hobbies are reading novels, listening to speeches, dancing, signing etc.


P1120712 - CopyMy name is Rifat Shakiru Said. I am 19 years old. I am a student of Pamba Secondary School; I’m studying History, Geography and Economy (HGE).

I like HGE combination because am so ambitious to become an economist.

I am very happy to become a youth panel blogger in Tanzania joining others in the Norway. I expect to share my views on to the youth panel blog regarding economic developments and current socio-economic affairs from the local perspective

Furthermore, with a good work done by the United Nations with its agencies; I believe it is another platform for me to air my views to the world about UN and it’s works as a way of supporting UN and my fellow youth.

I am interested in reading books, sports (football) and making new friends.


Philadelphia GeorgeI am Philadelphia George, born on 6th October 1996. I am student at Bwiru Girls Secondary School. I am taking art subjects i.e. History, Geography and Language. My favorite subject is History, I dream to become a Lawyer.

As an African young person, I wish to see a strong and fair International cooperation standing united as one for the human rights and economic development. I hope my articles will influence my fellow youth and others to become part of global movement for development.

I’m looking forward to express my ideas with passion including writing about issues that connect to Post-MDGs, gender, environment, entrepreneurship, marginalized groups, economic development, youth and Africa.

My hobbies are in reading novels, watching movies, swimming, poetry writing and playing games


Baraka Julius MndemeMy name is Baraka Julius Mndeme; I was born on the 28th of July, 1994. I am a student at Nsumba High School. I am taking science subjects i.e. Physics, Geography and Mathematics (PGM); my favorite subject is Geography so I dream to become geologist.

I wish to see a free Africa committed in proper use of natural resources gearing the lives of people from poverty.

I expect to raise awareness and share experience on different issues with my fellow youth of Tanzania and Norway on the blog. I am interested in social, political and economical issues so I hope this will be good platform to share knowledge, understanding of the problems as well as looking for possible solutions.

My hobbies are reading novels, watching movies, playing volleyball, reading books (mostly environment related articles).


_1120754My name is Zulfa Nurdin Chihundo, 19 years old. Am student at Nganza Girls Secondary School, studying History, Geography and Language (English) – HGL

It’s my dream to end up in one of the social development carriers; I will be happy if I become a lecturer at the university, working with United Nations or becoming an International business woman

I am so much interested in United Nations Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) since it gives the world, an international framework to development for all, MD Goals address the most important issues and African fundamental challenges i.e. gender issues, education, disease control and prevention, poverty eradication, hunger and environmental sustainability. This is the area of my interest since these are things that I have been wishing to deal with in my life. Youth panel blog is my best platform to air my views.

My hobbies are cooking, reading novels, music, volunteering, adventures, games, basketball, volleyball, netball and swimming


Erick W. MvungiMy name is Erick W. Mvungi, born on 5th – April – 1995. I am a student at St. Mary’s Nyegezi Seminary School. I am taking science subjects i.e. Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM). My favorite subject is Physics.

My dream is to become a good leader, in an authoritative position where I can easily deal with system problems. As far as I know, most of African countries suffer a lot, and possibly, it is because of the leadership systems. So, I also hope to use this youth panel blog platform to give my opinion on how leadership system should reflect justice and humanity.

With international affairs; United Nations insists on human rights but of the rights have not been taken serious enough, there is a need of putting more deliberate efforts to bring about a true sense of international interest. I’m looking forward to give my opinion about this on the blog.

My hobbies are reading books, watching and playing football (Soccer) and swimming.



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  1. Erasto Silayo


    I am a student at stefano Moshi Memorial University college pursuing Diploma Of Accountancy (2nd year). I wish to become an International Economist and help the UN at large in solving Economics problems. As a member of YOUTH PANEL BLOG ( Tanzania-Norway), i would like to share ideas with my fellows here..