UN Photo by Jenny Rockett taken when the former Deputy Secretary General Dr. Asha Rose Migiro from Tanzania was addressing during Stand Up and Take Action campaign.

Poverty can be defined in various context and levels. It can be defined at individual level, national level and world wide. At individual level Poverty refers to the state of lacking basic needs like food, shelter, clothes, and clean water. In national level Poverty reflects on how the country is incapable on bringing social services to the citizens. World wide is where the country fails to compete with other countries in the world economy. There for you can feel on how to live in poverty is.

In Africa particularly in Sub-Saharan countries, poverty seems as if its where is originated or deserve to be. People especially youth are the ones who feel the negative impacts. Many people live under $ 1 per day and this creates illiteracy to youth as many of their parents fail to afford to the school fees, increase of child mortality rate, spread of malaria, HIV/AIDS and other communicable diseases. Also poverty is among the greatest causative of civil wars in Africa where we witness youth being recruited as soldiers. So what future generation are we creating?.

In Tanzania poverty has be come as the part of our life. This is due to unequal distribution of national cake, and extreme corruption. The impact of all these go direct to the Tanzanian youths. That is why others run from their village to the cities to find jobs, others join gangs and become thieves, others fall into prostitution so as to earn for their living, and others drop from school after lacking school fees. But others start small business in towns and streets with low capital but still the government relocates them to remote areas with their business.

United Nations through UNDP has achieved in raising Agricultural productivity in many Sub-Saharan countries like Malawi, Kenya, and Tanzania. United Nations through the MDG’s report shows how the rate of poverty has decreased from nearly a third to less than one fifth between 1990 and 2010. Child mortality rate has declined globally this is according to UNICEF. In addition the World Bank provides developing countries with loans and grants around $18-$20 billion a year also has supported more than 9500 development projects since 1945.

With poverty, life is crazy, pathetic and formidable, and the ones affected much are we young people, hence some found themselves in early and forced marriage for some parents to win dowry, by using youth as the source of income to solve poverty. Poverty creates classes among youth from rich and poor families or a country and a country. Poverty causes many youth to drop out from their studies and looses their future. Others become drug dealers and others even commit suicide.

From all these, it’s my call to my fellow youth not to give up because no one knows how our tomorrow or destiny will be. Our future can be determined by what we do today for tomorrow in every single day of our life and little thing we do in every second, we have hands to build and we have hands to destroy our lives as well, it’s up to us to make the right choices and fight for them very hard.

Despite the condition we are going through, the fight against poverty has to continue and we must hate poverty and corruption as our enermies no. 1 together with doing legal works that needs to be done until we see doors opening for our financial freedom and the world. Efforts and tireless struggle pays very well, nothing good comes easily and anything that comes easily goes the way it comes. With hope and hard working everything will open, every successful person we see started small and grow bigger with hope, good plan and hard working. We can make it!


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    That’s right corruption and poverty are one of bad thing which raise criminal behaviour in Tanzania and other nations in Africa.