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There are estimated 100 million children living in the streets in the world today, and that number is increasing constantly. Children living in the streets are very vulnerable to victimization, exploitation and abuse of their civil and economic rights.

Many governments, non governmental organizations and members of the civil society around the world have increased their attention on homeless and street children as this population continues to grow.

None the less, more action is necessary considering the adverse economic conditions of many countries, and most importantly international plan to provide basic housing really needs to be developed.

In 1992, United Nations issued a resolution on the rights of street children, and the acts violence against them. The resolution called for internal cooperation to address the needs of homeless children and for enforcement of international child rights laws.

Based on the current situation, I would like to encourage my fellow youth in taking action towards combating this situation. It is possible for us as young people to take part in different initiatives e.g. start joining initiatives which are strongly meant to help street children, raise awareness by educating ourselves through reading books, listening to media special programs share with our peers/friends, colleagues, students, teachers, family members and encourage others around you to do the same. We can do something for our young brothers and sisters!

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  1. Gunvor K. Andresen


    Dear Noela, Thank you for an interesting article. I live in Norway, we do not have many children living in the street here, how is the situation in your country, Tanzania?

  2. Helle Marie


    I would like to compliment you on this article as it is well written and straight to the point! I hope that many will read this and follow your ideas on how to fight it and show initiativ towards learning more about this poor situation to raise awareness.

  3. Patrick Cora machage


    Hellow guys, I do support the idea of noela… Since, reducing street children would decrease the leve of unemployment in any country, and also in the case of raising the standard of living of people in different countries as well. Thanks for reading… Am a Tanzanian boy called Patrick.

  4. Elisante Japhet


    youth have great ideas and goals. They want to get chance to show the world what they have and can do. I think we, our leaders in both government and NGOs must train young to use there skills, talents and more to make changes. For example, in devoloping countries i.e Tanzania, students create ideology that, once am in school, i finish my studies to university level then life will be great.

    If i will keep on writting i wouldn’t finish because i got a lot to say from my heart.

    Inspite of all that, we can train, give them knowledge,courage on how to suceed. I think this may reduce number of street childrens.