UN Photo by John Isaac

Soon after independence, many African countries found themselves in Civil Wars and Chaos. There are many factors behind that situation. Some of them are border conflicts like Tanzania and Uganda in 1970s, Somalia and Kenya in 1980s etc. Again tribalism and religious extremism are other aspect leading us into civil wars, like the chaos happening in Nigeria today including Biafra war in Nigeria in 1960’s, as well as in Kenya, Sudan and Somalia.

Another issue is greediness of power among Africa politicians also creates a lot of disputes e.g N.R.A rebellions in Uganda and Al-Shabaab rebellions in Somalia etc.

African countries/African Union seems to be like the toothless bull dog(s) when it comes to opposing this situation or it might be that our countries don’t bite enough: for example, the Organization of Africa Union (O.A.U) which today is known as African Union (A.U); by then failed to remove UNITA rebellions in Angola until 2002 when Jonas Savimbi died himself; also O.A.U turned a blind eye on genocide happened in Rwanda; And we didn’t aggressively resist against Biafra or fully organize ourselves for disciplinary measures against Al-Shabaab in Somalia; neither end Civil War in Sudan, Congo D.R.C nor settle disputes in Egypt, even to stop the movements of tuareg rebellion in Mali.

Me individually as an African Youth, I believe the rest of youth people in Tanzania, Norway and the World will support the idea of putting more stresses to the A.U to do a lot more than the good job it is doing with consideration that Africa itself economically struggle even to stand for itself, war is another heavy and expensive burden to it.

Being the object which keeps and maintain peace in the world, United Nations has opened eyes on African Civil Wars from the Human Development Report of 2011; UNDP tries to spread the ideas of Democracy and Good Governance in Africa. Also UN provides the reconciliation and conflict resolution, for example in Sierra Leone, Syria and Ivory Coast.

But only this is not sufficient/enough, we need UN to stop Neo-Colonialism in Africa. UN must ensure no supply of deadly weapons in Africa, it has to keep doing a lot more job on this specific area than what it has done or doing today.

Therefore let us ask ourselves, why this happens mostly in Africa? Where is our future? Where is the destiny of youth recruited in rebellion’s troops? What’s the African-world future generation are we creating? Our choice is our destiny so let us wake up and built up our new Africa. We youth need food, quality education, better living condition and peace; we don’t need the deadly weapons which are exchanged with our diamonds and gold. We are tired to live in refugee camps and we are tired from keep running from our own countries.

Youth of the world need to join our efforts from wherever we are and in whatever we are planning to do; big and small countries make the whole world a better place to live and not just parts of it.