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People do say “life is not fair” but in the African village this has exceeded. Nobody cares about what is going on in these villages. The village communities are real neglected. Many people or organizations do go to the villages just for their own interests which have nothing to do with the village dwellers/the most needy communities.

People tend to help the villagers’ communities from the problems but behind the scene majority are exploiters pushing these communities into a deep sea of poverty which has no hope or any future!

In Tanzania, village life is worse. No adequate social services like media, schools, hospitals, electricity and clean water. Also the infrastructures are dead and in other places are completely absent. That’s why many people particularly youth who are reliable man power source in the villages run to the big cities. Even educated people who are originally come from these villages, don’t take deliberate initiative to improve their very home communities and do run to the “white collar jobs” in large cities.

Disappointing enough, politicians do visit villages to win their interest/election by taking advantage of these uninformed communities, uninformed due to poor access to media e.g. news papers, televisions or even from majority being illiterate. But after election they all shift to the cities. Businessmen do visit in the harvest season and fix prices of crops for their own benefit and leave these villages communities in the darkness of poverty and give up.

United Nations through the program of Millennium Development Goals (MDGs), brings light and hope to the village life. For example MD Goal  1: intend to Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger through reducing by half the proportion of people living on less than a dollar per day. Also through Goal number 2: it focuses on Achieving Universal Primary Education through ensuring that all boys and girls complete primary school. Furthermore, MD Goal 4 and 5 intends to Reduce Child Mortality Rate and Improve Maternal Health. These UN Millennium Development Goals binds African governments to increase attention to the villages, hence village communities benefit least. Majority of the African community resides in rural areas.

Now if many African countries depends on Agriculture as their economic back bone as said or proven; and agriculture is done in the villages by these uninformed, disorganize and neglected poor villagers, how will these African countries rise and become economic independent? For example Tanzanian Economy depends heavily on agriculture despite that only 5% of the Tanzanians land has been used for agriculture, agricultre accounts for more than one-quarter of GDP, provides 85% of exports, and employs about 80% of the work force who are youth… and still not so much has been done to protect, encourage, fully support villagers/producers/heroes of that economy back bone.


If African countries really want to develop and cut down this scourge of dependency, unemployment among African youth then more energy needs to be directed to these poor villagers. More calls for support from donors, governments, non governmental organizations from developed and developing countries really need to be meaningful for these poor villagers. The best doctors to the victims of drought in the horn of Africa are these poor villagers who can produce enough food for the Africa and the world if provided with enough support and facilities to improve their working environment. There is where some most of girls even get married while under 18 years old for parents to get dowry which normally come in a form of cows, money, all in all intending to cope with  their poverty stresses or pain… something which is completely unacceptable to all smart young people of the world!


To my little knowledge I would like to advise the government, non governmental organizations and my fellow youth to provide equal services and opportunities from whatever little we have to both urban and village areas.  I’m sure youth can stay in their homes either in urban or rural if services and living environment are improved. Mind that African Development without village life improvement is like pushing car while you are inside.


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  1. Mkota innocent


    It’s a real pain to see withn a country there is a big gap of living standard btn urban and rural areas, these words means alot… Nw its a time 4 we youth to act 4 the sake of villagers who live in a deep poverty