The UN Associations of Norway and Tanzania have developed a collaboration project “UNAs South-North Information”, this project has brought together 2 teams of not more than 6 youth from each country forming a panel that comprises a total of 12 young people who write and post articles on the youth blog of UNA Norway, on this blog the rest of young people in the world share their opinion on agenda/topic raised in the articles. The project promotes and increases the understanding on the importance of international cooperation, and encourages young people to be active participants in the world society. It has been used as a platform for the youth from the South (developing world) to highlight the voices that would otherwise have difficulty in arriving to the Northern public. Through this page both youth from the South and North broaden their understanding by learning from the south and north perspectives. This blog is available at


On the other hand, the youth panels of Norway and Tanzania have Facebook group and fun pages where more than 2000 young people are gathered, they use this platform to receive updates and notification when new posts or articles have been uploaded to the blog. Through these pages all young people who are not in the panel can have an opportunity to raise any interesting youth topic and have the rest sharing their opinion; these pages are also used as youth platform for young people to express their views on what is happening in the world, sharing different links, updates, receiving information from their UNAs etc. Information posted in these pages is mostly in Norwegian, English and Swahili; Swahili and Norwegian gives a chance to other young people of Tanzania and Norway who cannot communicate in English, while English stands as an international language that connects other youth from different part of the world. These pages are found on Facebook (i) FN-Sambandets Ungdomspanel and (ii) UNAs South-North Youth Panel.


In the process of promoting this project to reach and benefit more young people, UNA Tanzania invited a group of young leaders from the UN Clubs and YUNA Chapters to participate in a discussion on “what effective measures should be taken to make the project benefit more young people”. During the session a number of presentations were made by the project coordinator of Tanzania, and participants reviewed the articles then gave their opinion in a brainstorming discussion.

UNA Youth Leaders in a Session: Photo by Moses Mongo, UNA Tanzania

The following are some of quoted opinion collected from the youth of UNA Tanzania:
Dickson Mazanda: “It will be nice to have higher number of young people invited to the page; this will extend the capacity building opportunity to more youth through that educative information work done by their fellow youth. Many young people tend to speak from abstract because of lack of information, knowledge comes from information and here we have seen a plenty of social development articles posted on the blog and Facebook encouraging youth people to take part in the movement for development. All this is offered to us for free, let’s all use them to shape our nations»


Lilian Mwamba: “It is a good step towards awareness and encouraging young people to take action in serious issues that our communities face every day. It may be more practical and effective if more support and opportunities like these continue to be opened for young people and have them involved in the discussion for solution. These articles can be used as source of information to debating sessions that will perpetuate and develop critical thinking in finding solutions; through this we can also learn how to speak in favor of the poor and be part of the solution in our communities and become good citizens… Prior to debating sessions, young people will seek for more information facing those who are suffer and share facts and findings the session to defend and on the other hand those in a position to take the blame will look for reasons which might have been source of which the community don’t know about; through that more hidden issues can be raised and give the opportunity to youth to learn and contribute towards solution in their societies for social development. These hints can be shared to our fellow youth in the Northern communities and give them a chance to learn and make them conversant as well about these issues».


Greyson S. George: “This page is one of rare and useful pages you may find; the most special thing is; articles are prepared by young people themselves targeting to raise awareness to their fellow youth in the world. It attracts a lot youth interests since it is a typical youth-to-youth peer learning page; promoting human rights, education, poverty reduction, gender balance, environmental sustainability, call for different actions to support and help orphans, children in child-labor etc… it is a good platform for we young people to speak out and discuss our problems. Let’s make a full use of it».


Youth Leaders Gathered For a Group Photo After Opinion Sharing Meeting: Photo by Moses Mongo


After a brief introduction about the South-North project and reading few quotations from the youth leaders: Please share us your opinion or suggestion on “what effective measures should be taken to make the project benefit more young people” Your feedback can help more young people of the world and improve our service for you

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  1. wilfred akas


    the page is so nice and is the begging of youth expression of their talents, future and their dreams.
    they should take this as their only potential opportunity in their life.
    we should be proud of it and am sure we will see many hidden talents among the youth.