Foto: UN Women

In most part of the world women are highly empowered, even in Africa there has been a great empowerment of women in various sectors.

Nowadays they have obtained high positions in the government sectors, even allowed to participate in making decisions concerning various matters in the societies.

But that isn’t enough, in several areas of my country, Tanzania, there is only a few percentage of women that have been empowered, most of them in our societies especially those who don’t understand their rights are been humiliated, oppressed and discriminated. Misknowledge of their rights has caused them great effect in their lives.

In some societies like the Maasai, Chagga and Sukuma women aren’t allowed to make any sort of decisions regarding their life or society. Also in other areas like in Maasai region, Mara region women are been circumcised; this is a great humiliation and inhumanity action performed to women and it has contributed to the death of so many women in the society.

Also women aren’t allowed to be educated and if they are educated they only obtain primary education or domestic education. Women in the society aren’t allowed to inherit any sort of property that is of their right to possess. Women also aren’t allowed to employ themselves in any activity so as to sustain their life; women are only regarded as the cares of babies and performers of home chores.

Women are been inherited as some wife again after the death of their husband and in most of our societies women especially young girls are been forced into marriage to a person they don’t know and of greater age than them.

The cause of this humiliation, oppressions and discrimination to women is due to negative ideology found in most of the men in our societies. They think that women are inferior and can not perform anything that will benefit the society.

We ought to remember that a woman is the source of development in a society. And empowering a woman is empowering the whole society and nation at large. Educations should be provided to women so that they can understand their rights and importance in the society. Also men should abolish their ideology towards women and instead empower them in various activities.


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